Science at its inappropriatest

I’m going to take this opportunity to point out my own personal joy at the recent influx of inappropriately hilarious science blogs/bloggers/tweeters.

Cases in point:
Drunken Science
[February 5, 2011 addendum]
Fake Science

Seems as good a way to distance/distract the scientific world from its history/culture of stuffiness and elitism as any.

My subconcious leaning to write this post was no doubt brought to you by having recently listened to the Stuff You Should Know Podcast on the Ig Nobel Prize. Apparently one of the guys who got the Nobel Prize for graphene had previously received the Ig Nobel Prize for levitating a frog. Awesome? Awesome.

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One Response to Science at its inappropriatest

  1. Helran says:

    I already knew ZOMGscience but not the other which are awesome too 🙂

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