Music Makes Learning Fun!

To stick with the theme of this week, which seems to be “Dorky Science Musical Videos”, I’ve decided to make a collection here of the most well known.  This will be in order of when I heard about them (most recent to least recent).

The Gibson Assembly Song (Parody of Deep Blue Something’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s):


The Most Beautiful Girl in the Lab (Parody of Flight of the Conchords’ Most Beautiful Girl in the Room) :

The GTCA Song (Parody of the YMCA)

The PCR Song (Parody of We Are the World)

The LHC Rap (not a parody of anything)

These are the really just a smattering of the dorky science videos that exist out there (case in point) so do feel free to add your favorites to the comments.  As dorky as they are, I would just like to say that my high school calculus teacher used to make the most awesome pop song math parodies.   And while I’m sure he and all the people in the videos above had a blast making their parodies, I believe they are/were a crucial part of making science and math not so boring after all to some of us kids growing up.

Mr. Mongold was a great teacher and loved by all, but he sadly passed away (much too young) a couple years ago.  One of his songs did make its way onto youtube, though, so now his love of math and communicating it to students can be shared with you as well.

dY/dX One More Time (Parody of Britney’s Hit Me Baby One More Time)

Januray 23, 2011 : Addendum
Bad Project (Parody of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance)

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2 Responses to Music Makes Learning Fun!

  1. As I side note, I’d just like to say that I love several of the symphony of science videos, which includes having this one on one of my favorite running playlists on my iPod.

  2. Lab Rat says:

    Yay! I didn’t see you’d put up our Gibson song 🙂

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